2 Types of Technologically Advanced Upper Extremity Prosthetics

The staff at Hi-Tech Artificial Limbs works with each patient to determine the best prostheses for their individual needs.

Body-powered prosthetic solutions

Body Powered Prosthetic Solutions

You have many options when it comes to upper-limb prosthetic solutions. Body-powered prostheses are controlled with the power of an individual’s residual limb, shoulder girdle, and upper-body muscles. Whether your life involves social activities, sports, intricate tasks, or heavy-duty labor, our range of body-powered prosthetic components provides solid and reliable options to help you meet your needs and regain your independence.

Passive arm prostheses

Passive Arm Prostheses

After an amputation, patients have to consider what type of prosthesis they would like to use and would be appropriate for their activity level and lifestyle. A decision needs to be made whether the arm prosthesis will be more functional or whether a natural appearance will be emphasized. If greater emphasis is placed on the appearance and wearer comfort, for example, we offer a selection of passive arm prostheses that are visually appealing. However, their functionality is limited to that of a simple counter-support when handling objects.

Upper Extremity Prosthetic Solutions HiTech Artificial Limbs

Upper Extremity Prosthetic Arm HiTech Artificial Limbs

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