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Jim McClanahan 7/21/47 - 03/28/17

In 1990, Jim founded Hi-Tech Artificial Limbs, Inc. along with Maurice Adkins. Jim started his prosthetic career in 1969, three years after losing his right leg above the knee to cancer. He completed his prosthetic training at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL, in the spring of 1973. He received his prosthetic certification from the American Board of Certification (ABC) in the fall of 1973. As a founding member, Jim served as President of the corporation, and oversaw the daily operations of the prosthetic facility.

He thought of all of his patients as family and we will strive every day to continue his legacy. 

Maurice Adkins 2/19/47 - 11/15/13

Maurice Adkins, along with his partner Jim McClanahan CP, was one of the original founders of Hi-Tech Artificial Limbs. After losing his right leg in a 1973 railroading accident, Maurice began life as a successful above knee amputee, learning to utilize a prosthesis in order to return to work. When Jim McClanahan began providing Maurice's prosthetic care and treatment, an undeniable friendship and bond began to form. As a coal salesman, Maurice would often find it hard to make it in for prosthetic adjustments during normal business hours, so Jim would stay late and take care of him after hours. This time led to many discussions about partnering together one day and creating a true "patient first" clinic. Armed with the knowledge and experience of having gone through it themselves, these two amputees were dreaming about how to make a scary experience much easier for others.  In 1990, their "dream" became a reality with the opening of Hi-Tech Artificial Limbs, Inc. Maurice, who had a wealth of experience in coal sales, running businesses and managing finances, partnered with Jim, who himself had developed a vast following of amputee patients through his genuine care and knowledge.

Throughout his life, Maurice modeled the successful, fulfilling life an amputee can lead when good prosthetic care is provided. He always remained optimistic, attributing his faith and family to his ability to keep smiling and "paying it forward." Through the years, Jim had helped Maurice to return to work, coach his son's sports teams and be very involved in raising his two kids with his wife, Susie. All the while, Maurice did all of this with a contagious smile on his face.  Although his smile is dearly missed here at Hi-Tech Artificial Limbs, the spirit of giving and caring he displayed will always be part of our patient care philosophy.

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