2 Types of Technologically Advanced Below the Knee Prosthetics

Below Knee Prosthetic

The staff at Hi-Tech Artificial Limbs works with each patient to determine the best prosthesis for their individual needs

The most intimate fit. Ever. The Triton Harmony elevated vacuum prosthesis.



Triton Harmony Elevated Vacuum Prosthesis

Silicone cover for lower limb prostheses

Silicone Cover Lower Limb Prostheses

After an amputation, many affected individuals want to recreate their outside appearance in as much detail as possible. This can be achieved with a custom-made, anatomically shaped silicone cover based on the sound limb. Wearing short skirts or pants and open shoes becomes possible without restrictions again.


Every silicone cover is one of a kind and features a number of benefits. Next to UV and temperature resistance, key advantages include greater resistance to dirt and ease of cleaning with water and ph-neutral soap.

If you are interested in a more “Natural” design, your prosthetist can order a life-like cosmetic cover from our Custom Silicone lab.

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