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If you are seeking cutting edge prosthetic technology combined with compassionate care, you have come to the right place. Hi-Tech Artificial Limbs can provide you with the most up-to-date technologies available today. Contact us today for your individual consultation. 

Certified Technicians & Prosthetic Assistants

DeRon Cunliffe, Jason Smith and Barry McClanahan are ABC Certified Technicians and Assistants who have been instrumental in helping us extend and provide our quality care.

Every member of our team is dedicated to helping patients achieve comfort, mobility and the confidence that they can lead productive, independent lives.

Shayne Adkins, President and Clinical Director

Shayne has been an important part of Hi-Tech, a company his father co-founded, since 1995.  He graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Psychology and went on to complete his Prosthetic Training at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL.   Shayne received his prosthetic certification from the American Board of Certification (ABC) in 2002.  


As the son of an amputee, Shayne has always had a passion for prosthetics and finds joy in helping his patients become mobile and active again.  He feels that personal investment, understanding and empathy is just as important as technology when helping amputees regain their livelihood and confidence.


Shayne is licensed by the Kentucky Board of Orthotics and Prosthetics and is a member of American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists.  He has previously served as President for the Kentucky Orthotic and Prosthetic Association.  Shayne lives in Lexington with his wife, Melissa, and their two children.   He is active in his church, community outreach projects, and enjoys playing golf and guitar in his free time.

DeRon Cunliffe, CTP, CPA

DeRon has worked in prosthetics for more than 27 years, all at Hi-Tech Artificial Limbs. DeRon began his career working as a carpenter and was asked to build some shelves in the prosthetic lab when Hi-Tech first opened in 1990. Jim McClanahan was impressed with his work and offered him a position in the company.  He has been with Hi-Tech since the beginning.


He became a Certified Technician in 2003 and then later became a Certified Prosthetic Assistant in 2011. DeRon has always enjoyed working in what he considers to be a family environment and helping people to return to a normal lifestyle with our help.

Jason Smith, CTP, CPA

A native of Danville, KY, Jason became an amputee in 1986 when the motorcycle he was riding was hit by a car. Jason never knew an amputee before his accident and never considered a career in prosthetics. In 1993, while working in a local hardware store, Jason was approached by a prosthetist who worked for Hi-Tech at the time and was asked if he would be interested in working in prosthetics. The rest is history.


He became a Certified Technician in 2003 and then later became a Certified Prosthetic Assistant in 2011. Jason enjoys working with the patients and serving as a role model for amputees in showing what you can accomplish.

Barry McClanahan, CTP, CPA

As the son of Jim McClanahan, Barry grew up around prosthetics and amputees, so entering the business was a natural fit.  Having spent time in the afternoons after school in the office and lab with his dad, he worked for Hi-Tech Artificial Limbs briefly right out of high school. He then decided to pursue other options, returning to Hi-Tech in 2005.


He became a Certified Technician in 2007 and then later became a Certified Prosthetic Assistant in 2011. Barry loves helping people and working with the patients. He’s hoping his son will want to follow in his footsteps just like he did with his dad and become part of the business.

Tori McClanahan, VP and Office Manager

Tori was married to Jim McClanahan in 1997, and joined Hi-Tech Artificial Limbs in 2000, as the Office Manager.  She did not have a background in prosthetics or the medical profession, but had worked for many years in the cable television industry, overseeing the installation of hardware and software billing solutions in cable offices, as well as training of staff in the use of those systems.


She considers it a privilege and a blessing to be working in the business her husband started.  And now, as an owner, she wants to ensure the legacy started by Jim and Maurice, continues into the next generation. And, although she is not involved in direct patient care, she feels fortunate to watch and be a part of, the success of the patients of Hi-Tech.

Melissa Adkins, Compliance Coordinator

Melissa Adkins holds a Communications degree from the University of Kentucky and joined the Hi-Tech team in 2015 to assist the administrative and office staff.  Although she works behind the scenes, Melissa considers it a distinct privilege to be even a small part of helping patients regain their mobility.  She and Shayne have been married over 20 years and live in Lexington with their two children. 

Karen Blair, Office Administrator

Karen Blair, to most of Hi-Tech Artificial Limbs’ patients, is the face of Hi-Tech.  She is usually the first person you see when you come through the door. Her warm smile and infectious laugh is what everyone loves. With 35 years of medical billing experience, Karen joined Hi-Tech in September, 2005. She keeps our front office organized and running smoothly.  Karen loves the interaction she has with all our patients and feels like they are family. She believes that this is the most rewarding job she has ever had.

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